Top tips to save time marketing your business

Time is an invaluable commodity when it comes to marketing your business online, particularly since so many platforms, strategies, and tools exist – finding effective ways of saving time while streamlining marketing activities is of utmost importance.

No matter if you are a small business owner or marketing professional, this article offers important advice and insights into optimising time spent on marketing activities. From automating repetitive tasks to leveraging social media scheduling tools, we’ll explore actionable techniques that will help you save time while still achieving impactful results in promoting and growing your business. Let’s dive in and uncover some top strategies that can save time and make marketing efforts more efficient and successful.

  1. Automate Your Social Media Posts

    Social media can be an extremely valuable marketing asset, yet posting regularly across several platforms can take considerable effort and time. Instead, use a social media scheduling tool to automate your posts. That way, you can plan ahead for posts while attending to other aspects of your business. You can also use the scheduling tool to track engagement and measure your success.

  2. Automate Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of connecting with customers and building strong relationships, yet for optimal effectiveness to save time, it must be optimised appropriately to deliver maximum results. By automating email campaigns with an email marketing tool, targeted messages will reach subscribers automatically. By segmenting lists based on interests, behaviors, or demographics you can send relevant communications that resonate with their recipients.

  3. Repurpose Your Content

    Generating new content takes time; therefore, find ways to repurpose what is already out there. For example, turn a blog post into a video or podcast episode. Reaching new audiences without spending the time to create something from scratch is easier with existing content than creating something from scratch. Utilise it for social media posts, infographics, or any type of sharing across multiple platforms.

  4. Focus on Your Target Audience

    Trying to market to everyone would be an unwise use of time and resources, you should target only your target audience with content tailored specifically towards them. This will help you attract the right customers and save time by not marketing to the wrong audience. You can use customer research to create buyer personas and develop content that meets their needs and interests.

  5. Outsource Your Marketing Tasks

    If your marketing activities require too much of your time for you to effectively manage on your own, consider outsourcing it. Freelancers or marketing agencies specialise in this service and could help. This way, you can focus on running your business while the experts handle your marketing.

    Outsourcing can save both time and money while still producing fantastic results. Just make sure to vet potential partners carefully and choose someone who understands your business and your target audience.


    Marketing is an essential aspect of running any successful business, yet it doesn’t need to consume all your time. Automation on social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, repurposing content for multiple purposes and outsourcing marketing tasks are just a few ways you can save both time and effort while still getting fantastic results from marketing activities.

    Start implementing these tips today and watch your marketing efforts become more efficient and effective. Remember, marketing is an ongoing process; keep testing and refining your approach until it suits the needs of your business best. By investing a bit of extra time and energy, you could craft a successful marketing strategy which helps meet all of its business goals.
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