5 ways to reach new customers

All businesses have two main goals, or at least should have, to retain existing customers, and to reach new ones, and thanks to the experts at Google, here are 5 ways to reach new customers.

The world is a changing place, we all know that, and one of the main changes has been how businesses can reach out to new customers. Traditional advertising platforms are being replaced by digital advertising, offering a more cost-effective opportunity, especially for small businesses, to maximise the return on investment.

As Elizabeth Wang from Google points out, “The last few years of disruption and economic obstacles have been challenging, to say the least. Even now, we’re experiencing an always-evolving retail landscape with rapid changes in consumer behaviour”.

Because it is not only the way that businesses can reach new customers that is evolving, but also the behaviour of those clients which is changing too, and so, as a business, you have a double trend to keep up with.

To help out, Google experts have compiled 5 ways to reach new customers, by gathering the latest global insights and tools that you can use in order to adapt, maintain your competitive edge, and stay profitable in an uncertain landscape.

You can read the complete guide, “Your 2023 guide to driving profitability and reaching new customers with Google”, on the Think with Google website, where it explains in great detail the 5 ways to reach new customers:

  1. Reach cautious customers who have a new set of values
    Find out how consumers’ shopping habits have changed in response to uncertainty, and how Google remains an important factor in the shopping journey.
  2. Capture brand awareness and consideration during moments of discovery
    With brand loyalty exerting less influence on purchases, learn how you can capture consumers’ attention during moments of discovery.
  3. Stand out online to maximise your profits
    Shoppers increasingly rely on online sources to make purchase decisions. Here’s how you can stay on top of quickly changing consumer needs and reach new customers across the web to grow online sales.
  4. Expand omnichannel sales
    Today’s shopper leverages the freedom to shop across multiple channels — whether it’s on the web, an app, or in-store. Understand how to create an omnichannel strategy to grow online and offline sales.
  5. Engage shoppers throughout holiday peaks
    Consumers complete their holiday shopping before, during, and even after the holiday season. Be prepared to drive sales and engagement throughout the season by tapping into the latest consumer insights and product recommendations.
    Overall, Google offers a whole portfolio of tools and advice to help businesses thrive, but the first thing you must do is to ensure that your online presence is optimised, whether that is in ensuring your website ranks as highly as possible, or ensuring your social media profiles engage with your client base, to making sure your business information is correct on listing directories, which includes Google of course.
    Having read the guide, take stock of your presence. Do an audit of your online portfolio and ensure that all of the information is accurate first and foremost, and that it is optimised for reach, because without effective reach, there can never be any hope of conversion.
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